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Everything you might possibly want to know about our WonderLab!


Our Lab Services

Information about our Lab Services - development services, our Scanning service, equipment & chemistry we use

Our Scanning Options

Information on scanning resolutions and what is the best for my film?

Scanning Add-Ons

For when you need your scans to be presented in a slightly different way.

Our Editing Packages

Our Analogue Wonderland we offer editing packages! Our lovely team will edited your scans. The reason for this is to give you the cleanest possible scans!

How do you send your film to us?

We want to make it super-easy and stress-free to get your films developed with us!

WonderLab Status

Our current turnaround times can be found here.

WonderLab Scans

How will I receive my digital scans?

Why have I been charged shipping with my order?

Postage of your precious films into our lab is FREE and Tracked! However we charge a small amount for returning your negatives to you after processing.

WonderLab FAQ's

Everything you might possibly want to know about film development and scanning with the WonderLab!

What films are we unable to develop in our lab?

Unfortunately we are unable to develop some films!

What happens if my film comes out blank?

Unfortunately, sometimes film when developed comes out blank, there are a few reason for this.

What if I'm not happy with digital scan results?

The lab team will be more than happy to discuss the results with you.

What happens if my film gets lost in the post?

Unfortunately, it can happen, but it's pretty rare!